INTRATONE offers a wireless solution using telephone networks. What are its benefits?

picto-flexibiliteA FLEXIBLE SOLUTION

Residents can answer (and open the hall door) from their flat, from their workplace, from anywhere in fact, without having to move. They use their own phone.
If there is no answer from the main number, the call will be frowarded to a second number.
Privacy switch option, for example in the evening, and option of being notified of people visiting during your absence are available.

picto-rapiditeQUICK TO SET UP

It takes just a few hours to fit and set up an intercom, whatever the size of the estate.
No work required in flats, no asbestos-related constraints.


Intratone systems are up to ten times cheaper.
Reduced maintenance.
No handset and no work required in flats.
No more need to visit the site to change names on the intercom's label holder.
Customised offers with Intratone Telecom subscriptions suited to all estates.


The intercom is updated remotely and in real time (no more need to travel to the premises) from the secure management site (


Intercom systems and services can be used to manage all or part of your properties in real time.
Solutions for communicating with your residents and managing the technical aspects of your buildings.
Consult the Intercoms brochure.

picto-handicapSUITABLE FOR ALL

All INTRATONE technology is based on people using their own telephone (landline or mobile). Chosen and used every day by their owners, it is perfectly suited to their needs. This solution is right for everyone.


Easy access for fire services.
Even when absent, you can simulate your presence in the flat.
Parental control over your children's visitors.


INTRATONE offers greater cost effectiveness


Firstly, the price: an investment which will prove up to be up to ten times cheaper.
Intratone enables you to make highly competitive offers, with significant benefits for your customers:


No damage in buildings or flats: work to be carried out is quick and clean,
No more need to arrange appointments with residents since work no longer needs to be carried out in homes.


Equipment is managed via the site easy, fast and secure!


Data backups are performed on the Intratone server


A low monthly cost linked to the package: approx. €1 per month per flat


A wide range of services is available, making multi residential properties easier to organise, as well as more secure



AGAINST traditional solutions


The INTRATONE solution compared to standard intercoms

  Intratone Standard solution
audio quality of line Intratone telephonic intercoms use the mobile telephone network and benefit from the same sound quality for voices and audio as a telephone.. Crackling and interference on the lines with bus cables.
VIDEO CALLS The 3G Video panels are equipped with a pinhole video camera for managing 3G video calls in colour. Image resolution is optimised thanks to the new landline and mobile phones. Video quality is quite good but limited to the video entry system installed in the home.
CALL RETURN Yes, to landline or mobile nos. NO
VOICE MESSAGING Yes, in the event of absence or a busy line, the call is redirected to the voice messaging system or answering machine. NO
DOUBLE CALL If the telephone's "double call" system is activated, it is possible to answer two calls at the same time. Some wired intercoms have a double call function. Communications are limited to use of the intercom.
CALL FILTERING Thanks to time-slot call management, it is possible to suspend communications so that you are not disturbed. Possibility of filtering calls on some wired intercoms, but this option is limited to calls coming from intercoms in the residence.
ANTI-DISTURBANCE The anti-disturbance function limits repeated and untimely calls from unwanted visitors. Some intercoms have a time-delay setting which will limit untimely calls in the building.
SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE With an audio induction loop, vibration setting, 3G video and hands-free kit, residents' telephones can be adapted to their disability. They can be contacted anywhere, at any time. Video intercom systems, audio transmitters on handsets, voice synthesis and lights on the intercom allow disabled persons to communicate freely within the building.