Intratone Telecom provides packages which best suit the consumption generated by telephonic communications between an intercom and residents' telephones. We offer packages in which communication costs are minimised and optimised for your residence.

Wiring (stairs, apartment, etc.) Other damage YES
Handsets in the apartment None YES
Maintenance in the home None YES
Management (badges, names, etc.), event monitoring, safeguards

Instant, remote and secure via the management website

Upgrades Keeping track of telephone functions (vocal messaging, SMS, video, call transfer, etc.) /
Sustainability The telephone: a standardised and durable network /
Intercom compatibility Any telephone, any operator (user's choice) /
Access control compatibility All badges on the market /

Each resident has their own personal, secure password and access code which can be used to change their telephone no. by logging on to the site


Your subscription gives you access to the "Mobile Key" function:

what is the "mobile key" function?

With INTRATONE, the telephone becomes a FREE remote control. From their telephone (landline or mobile), the resident calls the telephone no. associated with the car park door, and it opens. Their telephone becomes their remote control, and the call is FREE. This function has all the advantages of a remote control, without any of the drawbacks:

  • Simple programming. With a single click, the building manager can authorise or deny MOBILEKEY access.
  • They can programme time slots.
  • No more batteries to change.
  • No more problems with heated windscreens.
  • In the event of loss or theft of the mobile phone, you can cancel or change the MOBILEKEY function with a single click on the website
  • With your hands-free kit, you can open the car park door while remaining at the steering wheel.
  • You can programme a keypad shortcut.
  • Your remote control will no longer be left in the car, eliminating the risk of theft.
  • No more range problems.