Who are we?

Intratone is a division of Cogelec, a manufacturer of intercom and access-control equipment.

Intratone is a division of Cogelec, intercom and access-control equipment manufacturer.


cogelecIn 2006, COGELEC turned its focus to intercom systems and presented its first intercom under the INTRATONE brand.
In 2007, INTRATONE TELECOM became the leading standalone telephone intercom provider offering GSM intercom solutions for shared residences; a position that it still holds in the current market.

Today, the brand continues to offer innovative products, which remain accessible in term of cost despite the technology involved.

Go ahead and check out our solutions for access control and key management, as well as lots of other services and products still to come!


  • 2000

    Cogelec founded

  • 2003

    Leader in the French market
    (and it still is today!)

  • 2006

    Intratone brand enters the market.
    The specialist in intercoms and
    access control in residential housing

  • 2007

    Intratone Télécom founded.
    Leading telephone intercom
    provider using mobile networks

  • 2009

    Launch of the first
    3G network intercom.
    A worldwide first!

  • 2012

    Turnover of €16M.
    80 employees.
    Introduction of the key box.

  • 2013

    Turnover up 30%.

  • 2014

    Launch of the connected key cabinet.