Homeless Charity chooses Intratone for London-based properties

brick by brick

An innovative access control system, manufactured by Intratone, one of Europe's largest access control specialists, is helping to protect residents within properties managed by Brick By Brick, a London-based charity that provides permanent and temporary housing for people with homeless status.


The cloud-based fob-reader system, installed by Delta Security into the charity's Old Kent Road and Queen's Road sites, and head office, has significantly enhanced control over who has access, for how long and to which properties. Because it is cloud-based, changes made to key fobs are immediate and can be facilitated from anywhere.


Isabelle Gravenstein, General Manager, Brick By Brick, says a primary focus for installing the new system was to simplify key management, especially when granting access to contractors: "Previously, management was required to escort all contractors onto sites, which could be very inconvenient. Now we know exactly where they are and when, and can control their access accordingly. The new system is simple to use and has made our lives as managers much easier."


The system has also enabled the charity to police suspected tenant subletting, which is not permitted in their contracts: "It is not possible to clone these fobs, so we know there is only one per flat," explains Isabelle. "If a tenant loses a fob, we are able to check that the fob is in fact no longer being used, as well as cancel its functionality."


Dave Mundy, Operations Manager at Delta Security, says the package includes ten years' of data, which helps to provide cost transparency: "It means the customer does not have to take out extra data contracts, which, especially for a charity, is extremely useful in providing an upfront cost."


Anthony Plasse, UK Sales Manager for Intratone, says the cloud-based fob reader system is ideal for multi-tenanted, managed properties: "The system provides best-in-class security, alongside flexibility and ease of use. We are extremely pleased that the installation is serving as a good example of how access control can make life easier for managers and residents alike."